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Never too late to make a change

Based on my true story of rags to riches and back to rags on the way to riches again Author: […]

A Career Pivot is Possible at Any Life Stage 

Episode Summary Today we are going to explore a word that is scary for many. . . and that word […]

5. Change is Coming: Doing the Hard Things For a Happier Life

Episode Summary February is known as the month of love. But what if we used love as a business strategy?  […]

4. Love Is The Greatest Business Strategy

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Author; Dr. India Presley-Boyd, DNP, APRN, owner of Wanderlust Concierge Healthcare  What is self-care, and how can you incorporate it […]

3 Self-care Tips for the Busy Entrepreneur 

Episode Summary In this episode we have a chat with my very own sister, Christen Burden, on the importance of […]

3. The Importance of Local Networking with Christen Burden

Episode Summary In this episode I walk you through my start into entrepreneurship. How I went from many years of […]

2. An Intro to Me and the Hearts and Heels Community

Have you ever struggled to find your true self? Who you really are as a person or in your business? […]

1. Keeping it Real in 2023: Breaking down Authenticity with Jessica McIntosh

Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to monetize meaningful work? Do you want to let go of perfectionism and ebrace […]

Welcome to Her Business Beat!

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Step 1: Have a cool idea or new way of doing something. Step 2: Start a business. Step 3: Sustain […]

7 Valuable Lessons I Learned from Business Networking

Photography by the amazing Misty Jones Photography. I love you, sweet friend. Thanks for always encouraging me. There was someone […]

Celebrate Your Life in All Seasons

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