I’m so happy you stopped by to check us out. Maybe you’re here because you need encouragement on your business venture and want to make this year your most successful yet. Perhaps you're ready to make waves and get more eyes on your brand.

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You know you were made to do BIG things with your business. And you also know that building authentic connections with others who are rising, along with finding a place to gain valuable business tools, will take your goals and dreams NEXT LEVEL.

We get you! Hearts and Heels is a community of ambitious, heart-led Tampa Bay women entrepreneurs. We exist to support women entrepreneurs, as they boldly step into their greatness. We believe that everyone in our community brings value to the collective from the part-time business owner to the start-up dreamer, and savvy six-figure earner.

And what's best is we have a space reserved in our growing membership just for you! 


In 2011, I went through a terrible divorce. It was public. My heart was in a million pieces. My business was thriving, but I wasn’t enjoying it, because I was in the throes of my personal life. I would put on a smile every day for my clients and employees. On the outside, I looked like I had it all together, and then I’d go to counseling and unravel. 

One day while I was in my counseling appointment, I told my therapist (as I ugly cried all my mascara off) that I was tired of feeling alone. While I had great friends, I longed for relationships with women who were business peers- women who helped me be my best self. 

I wanted more women who understood my life as an entrepreneur, because they, too, made that same choice. I knew I needed to find a community of strong, confident, and real women to fill a hole not just in my business referral network but also in my heart. 

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So, I eventually created the community I craved through Hearts and Heels. 

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We have the power, through our businesses, to be healers of our world. Entrepreneurship is this beautiful gift to open and learn to do well. But, for a woman to be at her best to grow a community-shaking business, she needs the right supports to stay healthy in mind and body and nourished in connections and education. 

Our impacts are magnified when we grow together- you and me.

Girlfriend, let me tell you something I believe in the core of my soul.

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Our Beginnings.


A small group of eight women came to the first meeting held at a local restaurant. I presented on the topic of defining core values (seemed like the right place to start!), and the group shared great conversation over dinner, discovering their commonalities and appreciating the diversity represented. 

Each month thereafter, women invited their business owner friends. New women stepped forward to share their knowledge on topics, and so the community started.  

We have an active membership of caring and community-minded women and a bustling online support community. We are looking for women who are compassionate, ambitious, and passionately pursuing their business to link arms with us.  

Hearts and Heels desires for Tampa Bay women to feel valued as part of a unique collaborative that supports her best self; cheers on her biggest business dreams; and creates an environment conducive to growing her thriving ideas. 

Imagine the impact on your business and life when you have

 walking alongside you. Together, we’re creating amazing success stories. 

The only thing we’re missing is         

Imagine the impact on your business and life when you have 

 walking alongside you. Together, we’re creating amazing success stories. 
The only thing we’re missing is         

Join our Community

a sisterhood of like-minded, fun, and caring women


Hearts & Heels was the group I didn't even know I needed. I was embarrassed to talk about my business with friends, because they were always quick to tell me they wanted to book, until they heard my prices. I knew what I had to charge to be profitable, but I didn't value myself. This group gave me the push I needed to really dive deeper and to answer so many of those questions that are critical to the success of a business. And on top of that, I met some amazing women that I now call friends.

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