2. An Intro to Me and the Hearts and Heels Community

Episode Summary

In this episode I walk you through my start into entrepreneurship. How I went from many years of college, life hurdles, and into the world of entrepreneurship.

I found myself seeking companionship and understanding of what I was struggling with, so I created a community that has now grown to over 1,000 wonderful women.

Join me as I walk you through what led me to starting this podcast, and how we all seek a community to lean on.

In this episode I share:

  • My journey into entrepreneurship
  • The feeling of loneliness and importance of community
  • Creating a like minded community for others to join
  • How no matter where you are in your life, everyone belongs

Connect with Geneva:

More About Her Business Beat

Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to monetize meaningful work?

Do you want to let go of perfectionism and embrace the joy of your often messy business journey?

A purpose and profit couch chat with your business besties, Her Business Beat is here to inspire entrepreneurial women to fuel their greatest ambitions with pure heart. 

We want to encourage a generation of women to embrace grace with grit for strong and effective leadership. 

Whether you’re running a business on the side of a day job, trying to replace your corporate salary, or are making 6 and 7 figures, it’s time for communities of women to come together.

On our podcast, we’ll dive into real-life, relatable, heart-led business talk with women who span the business spectrum from rising up-and-comers to leading and scaling creatives, CEOs, and community changers. 

Soul Sister, it’s time to check your purpose pulse with Her Business Beat.





2. An Intro to Me and the Hearts and Heels Community

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