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Episode Summary Having a solid financial foundation is so important to achieve success in small businesses.  In this week’s episode […]

13. Setting Up a Business for Financial Success with Carrie Williams

Episode Summary Barbara Ellis’ love for fashion and personal style began in childhood, learning to sew with her grandmother. Her […]

12. Using Personal Style to Communicate Our Brands and How to Curate Our Style to Tell and Sell Our Stories with Barbara Ellis12.

Episode Summary Are you tired of attending networking events and not seeing any real progress in your business? You’re not […]

11. 7 Valuable Lessons I learned from Business Networking11.

Episode Summary From capturing stunning brand images to guiding clients through the discovery of their unique identity, Jenna Shriver’s journey […]

10. The 3 Essential Components of a Dynamic Brand with Jenna Shriver

Episode Summary Join me as we discuss how our brains affect our business. From the science behind decision fatigue, to […]

9. Your Brain is Your Business – The Neuroscience of Leadership

Episode Summary We usually talk about businesses in a professional nature, but what about those not-so-professional or glamorous businesses? Today […]

8. Transforming a Not-So-Professional Field into a Profitable + Trusted Business with Lauri Partanio

Burnout and Balance

Author: Kerrie Campbell, Transformational Coach, Live Your Sensational Life “I am so tired or exhausted all of the time, but […]

Burnout and Balance – How to Achieve a Healthier Rhythm

Episode Summary So many women go through the struggle of finding a career that brings them happiness, and many land […]

7. 7 Tips to Successfully Start (or Restart) Your Business

Episode Summary oday, Nicole Lytwyn and I talk about the power of collaboration, and how it can not only benefit […]

6. The Power of Collaboration with Nicole Lytwyn

Never too late to make a change

Based on my true story of rags to riches and back to rags on the way to riches again Author: […]

A Career Pivot is Possible at Any Life Stage 

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