13. Setting Up a Business for Financial Success with Carrie Williams

Episode Summary

Having a solid financial foundation is so important to achieve success in small businesses. 

In this week’s episode on Her Business Beat, Carrie Williams, the founder of Running Valley Financial, stresses that financial knowledge is crucial for the success of small business owners who often lack knowledge in this area. 

We tackle the stigma around discussing finances and highlight the stress and anxiety associated with not understanding them. 

Carrie helps us identify common financial pitfalls that small business owners face, provides helpful tips for small business owners on financial management, and recommends seeking advice from trusted sources in the community but validating it with professionals.

Starting a business knowing all about finances is one of the most important steps in setting your business up for financial success.

Meet Carrie:

Carrie Campbell Williams is a Financial Coach, CPA, and owner of Running Valley Financial.  She creates transformational, lasting change in the lives of everyday people by helping them win with money.  After 21 years of working in corporate America in Accounting and Finance, she felt called to serve others and engage in work where she could really make an impact in people’s lives.  She started her business in the middle of the pandemic because she saw a need for common sense financial coaching, when everything around us was far from making sense.  She has a passion for helping small business owners calm the chaos when it comes to their business finances and taxes.  A native of North Dakota, she has called the Tampa area home since 2000, and enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, and volunteering with the United Way Suncoast in their Financial Literacy programs. 

In this episode we share:

  • The mindset behind money management
  • What the most common pitfalls new business owners get themselves into starting a business
  • If you are spending too much or too little money in your business
  • How you can’t afford to not spend some money to make money

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13. Setting Up a Business for Financial Success with Carrie Williams

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